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Video photo surveillance, also known as surveillance, is an activity performed both by foreign and domestic private detectives and by the governmental structures related to national security. To both categories, but especially to private investigators, this sensitive activity requires a great deal of patience, professionalism and a high risk for the agent that is dealing with it. If the governmental agents have certain rights that protect them against possible dangers or help them on their specific missions, the private detective has the same rights as the regular citizens while performing their missions. Therefore, not having the same unlimited resources and tools as their governmental counterparts, the private detectives need to work not only more but in more difficult conditions to fulfill their tasks successfully.

According to Law 329/2003, private detectives are authorized to perform this kind of mission, but only in compliance with certain terms. First, the quality of private detective is not enough to enable them to perform investigation and surveillance activities in the private area. The private detectives need to be part of an investigational agency that must be authorized by the Romanian Police General Inspectorate.

Our Romanian Detective Agency provides services regarding :

  • Missing or kidnapped persons
  • The conduct and public morality of certain persons
  • Pre and post marital information gathering
  • Information on a legal or natural person solvency, a potential business partner);
  • Providing protection against information leaks concerning the private life or the activity of the economic agents that wish to preserve confidentiality
  • The goods that are the object of a civil or a criminal dispute abroad and aim at bringing some harm to the interests of one part in the process ;
  • Special protection measures ;
  • Insurance fraud cases

Our Romanian Detective Agency can perform other kind of detective services at request. The initial evaluation of an investigation case is free and has no hidden taxes or fees.