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Romanian Detectives - Legislation

Article 1/Law 329/2003 should be consulted in order to get familiar with the cases regarding the status hiring a private detective for surveillance and/or investigation activities (persons’surveillance):

Art. 1

(1) the private detective is an authorized person in compliance with the conditions stipulated by the present Art, who without bringing any injures to private or family life or to other fundamental liberties and rights, upon the request of the natural or legal persons, develops an investigational activity related to:

  • a) the conduct and the public morality of an individual;
  • b) information on a legal or natural person solvency (that could be a potential business partner);
  • c) missing persons;
  • d) the goods that are the object of a civil or a criminal dispute abroad and aim at bringing some harm to the interests of one part in the process;
  • e) providing protection against any leak of information concerning the private life or the activity of the economic agents that wish to preserve confidentiality

(2) the activity of the private investigator cannot be against the domestic or international regulations, national security, public order or morals

(3) the information gathered by the private investigator is intended only for the client’s use, under the present Law.