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Detective Romania - FAQ

For those people who have some questions to ask about Romanian detective services here are some answers posted to help you out. If you need any explanation, or have a particulary request, don`t hesitate to contact us.

The private detectives are allowed to only monitor from public places or private property provided that the owner consents.

This is mostly unlikely, as the private detectives usually work in team made up of two. In certain cases, such as the fixed point surveillance, one detective could conduct surveillance all by himself, but, even then it is rather difficult

In their work, the private investigators can also operate alone provided that the case and the case related information gathering process allow it

Both the investigative agencies and its employees need to be authorized by the Romanian Police General Inspectorate and the Bucharest Police or the police departments from the other cities, so that they could be able to be easily checked on the above mentioned institutions sites.

This frequently happens, mostly due to the lack of the private investigators in certain areas of the country and also due to the small community where they operates; as a part of a small community, the private investigators cannot conduct interviews or doing surveillance in that particular environment as they could be easily disclosed. By definition, the private investigator is a “secret agent”.

The private investigators are committed, by law, to preserve the confidentiality of the cases they are working. According to the Art 1, Paragraph 3, of the Law 329/2003, "The information gathered by a private investigator is to be used only by the client, under the present Law".